Published by DavidB on Tuesday, November 29, 2022


This is a small selection of applications, utilities and games that I was able to collect when publishers produce content for the eBookMan. I am posting them here for historical preservation only. All rights remain with their copyright owners.


By Jurien Dekter

Clock - A clock that displays both local and world time, a calendar for the current month, with the much needed ability to set an alarm.



QuickPad - A handy, easy to use quick scribble pad for jotting down notes written directly in the screen area in natural handwriting mode. Features include up to nine note “pages” per QuickPad file, ability to set alarms, and five pen stroke smoothing settings to choose from.

(I’m working on it)


EbmCalc - A scientific calculator with conventional and RPN logic modes, scientific & engineering notation mode, ‘power off’ memory, user configurable display precision, and a useful mix of functions.


By Dog Melon

EBM Wiki - A Wiki style note taking application that allows you to take notes and link them to each other using internal “hyper links”. You can also password protect your Wiki pages to keep them from prying eyes.


Minime - A spreadsheet application that supports multiple tabs (sheets), SYLK compatibility to work with MS-Excel, sorting, row and column freezing.

By Pankhurst Algorithmics

paDoodle - A notebook and sketchpad application. Draw free hand or shapes (circle, rectangles, or lines). This is the demo version that allows only one page for drawing.


paEggBasket - A note pad and file manager that utilizes the Secure Hashing Algorithm (SHA-1), providing a secure 160 bit key to keep the data inside safe. This is the demo version, which doesn’t allow you to change the encryption password.


paPix - This is an image viewer that allows you to display gray-scale conversion of JPG, PNG, and BMP files on your eBookMan. The zip file also contains the MS-Windows destop application that you can use to convert your images to the paPix format. This is the demo version of the software, which only allows you to display a single image.

By Chris Warren-Smith

TapWrite - A text reader and editor that supports not only TXT files but also HTML, BAT, DAT, and CPP. It also has a text search feature and extended virtual keyboard interface.


SnarfReader - Read webpages off-line. It supports a small number of display tags as well as hyperlinking to other pages within the same SnarfReader package file. Supports selectable fonts, Navigation History and portrait/landscape orientation.

By WhitWare Inc

CB Ledger

CB Ledger - This is a check book ledger application that will help you balance your bank account and check book. It offers up to five different check books, auto check numbering, running account balance, and tracking of cleared checks.


By Jurien Dekter


Mahjongg - A well done version of the classic game Mahjongg for the eBookMan.  With 65,535 different variations of tile layouts, this game will keep you entertained for days on end. You can play timed games, or if you’d rather have unlimited time, the game will automatically save when you exit.  So, when you come back, you can pick up where you left off.


By Dog Melon

Classic Solitaire - Classic card games for your EBM. Games in this “lite” version of the app. include Aces Up, Freecell, Klondike, and Pyramid.

(I’m working on it)

By Mike Pickering

SameGame - A tile matching puzzle game. Select groups of two or more to remove the tiles from the board and try not to leave any behind.


EbmLines - A puzzle game where you have to arrange matching tiles into lines of five or more. With each move, more tiles appear on the grid. The game is over when no more moves can be made.

By Hernan Castaneda

Hetris - A Tetris clone for your eBookMan.

By WhitWare Inc

Lander - Land your space ship on one of the landing pads, but be mindful of the treacherous terrain and don’t hit the ground too hard.


Checkers - Play checkers against the eBookMan. Comes with a high-score tracker.


PacMan - The arcade hit on the eBookMan. Tap the direction you wish to move, relative to Pac-Man, on the screen; or you can use the direction keys at the bottom of the touch-pad.


Cutoff - If you ever watched the movie Tron, you’ll recognize this game. Control your player with the direction pad and try and run your apponent into a barrier.

By Chris Warren-Smith

iRogue - This is a version of the classic adventure/dungeon crawling game, Rogue, for your eBookman. Can you defeat the dungeon monsters and collect the treasure? Detailed instructions are included in the game, under the Help menu.

By Alexander Rhodes

JogInvaders - A space invaders clone. Use the eBookMan’s jog wheel to move left and right, and press to fire. Or, you can use the stylus by tapping to either side of your ship to move and tap on the ship to fire.

By Ken Reneris
Connect 4

Connect Four - Play against the eBookMan and try to get four of your chips in a row.

Beiks eBM Gear

Beiks Demos - A collection of games published by Beiks that includes demo version of Blockout, Chess, Click, Learning Cards, NetWalk, Pipes, Poker, Pyramid, Reversi, and Trip.



Pankhurst Demos - A collection of games published by Pankhurst Algorithmics that includes demo versions of MathSquares, Yacht, Memory, MindMatch, FreeCell, MneField, and Tiles.


Dice, Garbage, Hang-man, Interceptor, Monopoly, Pinochie, Reversi, Risk, SillyFace, Sokoban, Xevious, XWords


By Jurien Dekter


BatGraph - An application that monitors the state of the eBookMan’s battery power.  It will plot voltage in black and percentage of power remaining in grey.  You can set an alarm to warn you when the voltage drops below a pre-determined point.


Mirror - An application that turns your eBookMan screen into a mirror.

By WhitWare Inc


Awake - This application will keep your eBookMan from going into sleep mode. This can extend battery life when running from external power.


By Franklin Electronic Publishers

Franklin CDK

Franklin CDK Suite -
This is a software suite, provided by Franklin Eletronic Publishers, that allows you to create and publish your own e-books. The e-books you produce with the CDK suite will be fully compatible with the Franklin Reader (.fub), which came installed on every eBookMan. These e-books supported indexes, a powerful word search tool, and gray-scale images.

Franklin CDK

Franklin eBookMan Desktop Manager
This is the desktop manager, for MS-Windows, that allows you to transfer data between your desktop PC and the eBookMan via the USB cable or serial port.