Tuesday, November 29, 2022

A few changes to eBookMan Lives

Welcome to the new eBookMan Lives website. Along with the move back to the domain www.ebookmanlives.in.nf, I thought I would update the site’s framework; moving it to Flatpress, from the static HTML pages.

I wasn’t sure if Flatpress would work, using it in this way, but I think it’s actually been working out quite well. I’ve had fiddle with a few things in, on the server side, to get Flatpress to do what I wanted it to do, but it’s nothing more than what I would do with a bunch of HTML pages. I think, in the long run, Flatpress will make it a little bit faster for me to do updates to the information posted here.

Flatpress is more of a blogging tool, but it also makes use of “static pages”, which I’ve been able to utilize (along with some HTML) to present content the way I wanted. Visitors (the few that actually do visit) can actually leave comments now if they wish, which they couldn’t do before.

More to come.

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